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Hello, I'm Peter Legéň

Front-end Developer. | Java/Groovy Developer. | Consultant/Analyst. | AngularJS, Grails frameworks enthusiast.

(+421) 949687404
From Púchov, nowadays Bratislava

Peter Legéň



Groovy / Java
Spring / Hibernate / Grails
NodeJS - Express
UX Design
And others...

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When i was very young i didn't know and was not even interested who can I become. As a boy I loved logical puzzles, crosswords, watching detective genre and of course I loved Maths. I participated on many Chemistry, Physics and Maths competitions which were pretty successful. Then I got an idea to become a serious accountant, financial auditor.

I enrolled to bussiness academy and studied accounting/economy. During my high school studies I was still tinkering with computers and programming languages. I wasn't very patient person so many times I quit but still after many tries I found out what Visual Basic is and created my first software - NotePad. I was very proud of it, because it was functional and useful.

After 3 years I found out that programming became my hobby and so, after my graduation, I enrolled to IT University. It was the best decision of my life despite of many nights with eyes opened trying to get my homeworks done. It was a step forward because I found out what Java language is and made it my personal favorite.

Nowadays I am working with many different languages - Java/Groovy, C#, Javascript/Coffeescript (NodeJS, Frontend AngularJS), PHP, Ruby, etc and became a full-stack developer:)

I'm always available for freelance work.

As a freelancer I have my daily job but if there is something that interests me and is not very time heavy, I will go for it!

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My education and experience.


Master's Degree - Informatics

Tough problem solving, working under time pressure and stress. Making impossible to be possible. 4 semester project - AI and 3D Game. Java, C# (+nHibernate, WPF, WCF), Java EE (+Spring, Hibernate), Unity3D.

University of Žilina in Žilina

2012 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree - Informatics

General education in optimization, maths, programming and algorithms. Java, C++, Oracle SQL

University of Žilina in Žilina

2009 - 2012

High School - Bussiness Academy

Accounting, economy.

Bussiness Academy in Považská Bystrica

2005 - 2009


Software Developer-Analyst

Reservation systems, point of sale systems. AngularJS, ReactJS frontend. Java, Spring, Hibernate, Grails, Groovy.,,

Camarero & Bookio HTML5 offline mobile apps..

Creative Web s.r.o

August 2014 - present

Software developer

Gastro portal with daily menus, mainly administration. Working with modern javascript frameworks like AngularJS and running it all on Groovy and Grails. Reservation system solution.

After was sold to India ( I started working for the parent company Creative Web, s.r.o, which owns

Creative IT s.r.o

July 2013 - August 2014

Software developer - Java EE

Projects for Petit Press a. s., Wicket, Java EE, Jetty, Spring framework. Gastro portal with daily menus and other infos.

Javascript programming for TV platforms (LG, Samsung, AntikBox) TV SME - television app

Lohi s.r.o

May 2012 - February 2014

PHP developer - Small projects

Creating all sorts of projects in PHP with Symfony2 framework and Doctrine ORM layer.


2009 - 2014

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Drop me an email if you want or just to say hi :)

I am originally from Púchov, Slovakia but nowadays I work for company situated in Bratislava so I moved there.